Regaining confidence in Myself

In recent months I have opened up on my blog about my history with postnatal depression and my road to recovery. One thing I haven’t talked about (but can often be a by product of mental illness) is my huge lack of self-confidence.

Over the last year I have been on an enormous journey; my whole life, and perspective of that life, has shifted. This time last year I was recovering from postnatal depression after having my third child. I was also coming to the end of my maternity leave from my job as a primary school teacher.

As I was preparing for my return to work, I worried if I would be able to cope as a teacher again. I was only working part time but I was also taking care of everything at home with three young children and a husband who worked very long hours. I started back at work after Easter 2017 but knew immediately it wasn’t for me. It was lovely to see workmates again but confidence in myself and my abilities was at an all time low, so I opted to step out of the working world for a while and concentrate on being mum, as well as making the most of my youngest being so little.

One thing with depression that isn’t talked about as much is lack of self-confidence. It’s a bit of a chicken and the egg quandary, some believe that low self-confidence can lead to depression, while others say that depression can lead to low self-confidence. I feel the latter was true for me.

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My little boys

Children’s Mental Health Week 5-11th February

Mental health problems affect about 1 in 10 children and young people. They include depression, anxiety and conduct disorder, and are often a direct response to what is happening in their lives. Mental Health Foundation

This week marks children’s mental health week. We are always thinking carefully about the physical health of our children; which foods they are eating, how much exercise they are getting, do they have their hat and gloves on to keep them warm? But do we really think about their mental health? Can they suffer from mental health problems too?

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#MoreMindful – Time to get involved!

#moremindful - hook image

In my first blog, I shared with you the main reason (but not the only reason – watch out for future blogs on the other two reasons) behind starting Happy Headspace. This time last year I came to realise that I wasn’t coping very well at all after the birth of my third child, and I was in fact suffering from postnatal depression. It was in the months following this I then started on my journey with mindfulness.

In starting to become more mindful myself; taking time to look after my self (self-care), beginning yoga classes and getting so much from the ‘moment of calm’ at the end of each session, that I started to realise perhaps there could be something to this whole mindfulness lark after all…

In starting Happy Headspace I knew I wanted to share my journey with you. Over the last couple of months on my twitter and facebook pages I have been sharing interesting articles and ideas on how to incorporate more mindfulness techniques into our lives, with the ultimate end goal of improving our overall mental health. Being more mindful has helped me in so many ways over the last year; not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Trying my best to be fully ‘in the moment’, taking everything in, the good, the bad and the ugly! Stepping away from my phone or devices and enjoying the craziness that is my house at times. Trying my best to enjoy my children being so little, even through the sleepless nights, tantrums and constant clutter! It won’t be like this forever and I don’t want to have wished my life away in the mean time.

Get involved!

It’s now your turn! I would love to know ways in which you incorporate mindfulness into your life. Over the next four weeks I will be using the hashtag #MoreMindful to share ways in which myself, my husband and my children are striving to become more mindful in our lives.

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Happy Headspace – Why it all began…


Who am I?

My name is Sophie and I am a 34 year old mum of three. I married my high school sweetheart and we have had two boys (aged 7 and 5) and a little girl (aged 19 months). Up until about a year ago our lives were pretty straightforward, probably very similar to a lot of yours. My husband went out to work early (until late most days) and I was left at home to do the lion’s share of raising our children and running our home; the washing, the cleaning, the school runs, the errands, as well as working part time as a primary school teacher. Life was usually manic and hectic but also wonderful at times. This was our life up until about a year ago.

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